Tuesday, February 23, 2010

To Ski or To Board?

So, from my last post you see that I'm taking a trip to New Mexico at the end of March. I think everyone going will be snowboarding...something I've never ever done. The last time I even went skiing was in 1996...and I wasn't good. Should have taken a lesson as I can only stop using the snow plow method. That doesn't really work too well on every run!

So my question is: should I take a snowboard lesson or ski lessons? Just how hard is snowboarding anyways? I'm picturing myself face-planting over and over! But also think it could be fun.


Weights night

My home internet was sketchy last night and I'm not sure what's up with it. But last night I met Carol (my step-mom) at the gym to do weights. Haven't done any in about a month. We didn't do just one area, we did anything and everything...kind of like the Body Pump class I used to go to. We'll see how sore I am tomorrow.

After dinner with my Mom and brother at Trudy's, I did a bunch of lunges and squats at home. I think my upcoming trip to New Mexico to ski/snowboard has me wanting to get my legs ready!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Ok, so I've been in a half marathon training group since the beginning of January. It's my very first Rogue group and I am really enjoying it! (Even though I'm always last.) Good people. I just joined a group that was a wee bit out of my league. I've already improved my time, but still have a long way to go. My eyes are on a 10-miler on May 1 and then the San Antonio Rock-n-Roll Half this Fall. I'm using this group to get a good routine going and I better keep it up once my group is finished!

Brownie wants me to put all my training runs on here, but I doubt that will happen. Nobody wants to see how damn slow I am!

Peace out.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

High school girls..........they stay the same age.

So, I'm at Z-Tejas having lunch and guess walks by our table?? Matthew McConaughey!
Yep, he is our for a nice lunch here in Austin. Think he is in town to run the Austin marathon?
Maybe. If only I could snap a photo. Too bad I can only see his buddy. No fiancée in sight.

Full Moon Hash!

So, FRGM and I were a little late to the start. We found no chalk or flour, because Living Proof was the hare. But we did run into Strap-On Elvis and He-Whore. They were headed inside the Tavern (the start) after a bad zen to Deep Eddy's, so we followed. Good beer and food followed, until we got word from some houndson where the end would be. We made our way over to circle and joined the rest if the group. Living Proof Shouldve drank more for his shitty trail, but oh well. Who was I to say anything since I didn't run it!

On on to V-Day.

Friday, February 13, 2009


This Wanker will be in Austin from Saturday afternoon until Tuesday afternoon. Don't set your alcohol down while in his presence or it will be gone when you return!
Don't you just love his shirt? ;)
This comedian that I love is coming to Austin for SXSW. I sure hope I can get in to his show without a wristband!

Go to this Wanker's blog to see the most recent version of Everyday Normal Guy...now it's his whole crew!

Movie Night

Went to Client #69's house last night for Movie Night. He always has several movie options and a vote is taken. Any time he has movie night, I always try to make it because his home theater ROCKS. You can check it out here. The seats have some bass dealy-bopper in it that rumbles your booty when there is action on the screen/bass sounds. Love it!

Oh, and did I mention he has an awesome beer fridge that pretty much always looks like this? The bottom shelf generally has yellow beer (Lone Star, Miller Lite, etc. Guess he didn't want to photograph that...)

Good times!

p.s. Last night we watched Wall-E. I never would have seen it on my own, but in Carl's theater it was pretty good. That little robot is cute.


My co-worker and I have been taking the stairs at work lately. I've pretty much always used them to co back and forth between the 6th and 7th floors, but now we are using them from the garage to the 7th. Felt so lame getting tired only going 5 flights of stairs this morning. Damn, the next time I make it to Colorado and do the Incline it's gonna take me 1/2 a day!

Can someone kick and harass me so that I start running again, please? Anything I gained while running last June-August has been completely lost. I'm lame. I know this.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rest of SA Weekend

Before Other White Meat's wedding, I went to the Kiss My Hash. It was moved up to 10am due to the wedding...and what a great time to hash! All the pics were taken with FRGM's camera though, so can't post any until I see him this weekend.

On Sunday, FRGM was a co-hare for the SAH3 trail with Other Brother Darryl...and I was their food wench. We showed them how to eat after a run, instead of those horrible pretzel sticks and weird odds and ends they bring for the end. Everyone kept asking if it was someone's birthday. All the pics I took at that hash are on FRGM's camera as well. But I did use mine some at the On After at Baker Street Pub.... Ok, maybe I didn't get that many good ones. Here are a few...

The Hares

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Other White Meat got hitched!

FRGM and I went to the Other White Meat's wedding this past Saturday in SA. Was a very nice and short outdoor ceremony, and then a lot of partying inside. Good times!

Other White Meat & Daniel

Gay-Ho & Kit Kat
FRGM & Gagger

(that's 3)

Condo Cleanup

Ok future r*cist visitors to the Gagger Pad... I worked on my place for 3 hours last night (my mom even came over to light a fire under my ass), trying to get it back to it's normal self. Man, I had clothes and laundry EVERYWHERE. Organized other odds and ends as well. Tonight it's time to clean. Tomorrow is grocery store time. Any special requests for pre or post marathon?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This is what greeted me the other day as soon as I stepped inside HEB. I laughed hysterically, and then once I regained my composure I had to snap a photo....

That's one, Brownie. Nine more to go....
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